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Strip inserts

Strip inserts are required where there is:

  • excessive distance between pipe ends
  • axial movement (expansion, contraction) combined with angular deflection
  • axial misalignment
  • vacuum/depression (suction line)
  • elevated temperatures
  • fuel or other combustibles, or
  • a medium that may cause swelling

Pre-fitting of strip inserts is possible for all types of couplings. Strip insert quality depends on the medium.

As part of its customer service, KCES supplies HDPE strip inserts as standard in all pipe couplings except those with Viton sealing sleeves, which are fitted with ss strip inserts. These strip inserts are included in the price.

T-profile inserts prevent the coupling from drifting from its centre position if excessive axial movement occurs. STRAUB couplings do not slip if the axial movement stays within STRAUB limits.

STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX fitting tool

KCES also has in stock Straub Fitting Pliers and Tensioning Belts to help install Open-Flex Pipe Couplings . The Straub Fitting Pliers are for use with couplings with a diameter of up to 400mm.

Straub Tensioning Belts

The Straub Tensioning Belts are for use with couplings with a diameter of 300mm or greater.

Earthing Conductor

The STRAUB earthing conductor replaces the external jumper cable. If required, an electrical jumper cable from pipe to pipe can be established using a metallic earthing conductor placed in the coupling. In contrast to STRAUB-GRIP couplings, STRAUB FLEX and STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX couplings have no electrical conductivity and should be considered as insulating connections.

  • Explosion protection (prevents static charging)
  • Corrosion protection
  • Electrically conductive connection between metallic pipes
  • Earthing connection for cable conduits. 

Our earthing conductor system has been tested by the SEV (Swiss Association for Electrical Engineering, Power and Information Technologies) on the basis of SEV 04 ATEX 0167 (EN 1127-1:2007 and EN 13463-1:2009)*.

*The ATEX name refers to the French abbreviation for “Atmosphère explosible” and is used as a synonym for the directives of the European Union in the field of explosion protection.

Waste water treatment plant Frankfurt-Sindlingen

Electrical conductivity through external cable connector (made on site) STRAUB-FLEX 2LS used as main joint.


      • Explosion protection
      • Corrosion protection
      • Electro-conductive connection of GRP pipes





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