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 Fitting Instructions for UNI-Couplings

The UNI-Coupling is available in various types.

  • To connect metal - metal
  • For restraint jointing
  • Patented wedge shaped seal
  • 2 grip rings for metal pipes
  • Stainless steel 1.4571 (W5) quality





Click on the links below for detailed technical information on the various dimensions:

UNI-Grip S 188-516 WP10
UNI-Grip S 188-290 WP25
UNI-Grip S 21-172 WP32+
UNI-Grip LE 64-172 WP16
UNI-Grip L 21-172 WP32+
UNI-Grip SE 64-172 WP16
UNI-Grip S 291-745 WP6
UNI-Grip S 213-374 WP16



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